Thermal Flow Class

at SKA Thermal Spa
Kickstart Your Day with SKA Thermal Spa’s Exclusive Morning Hydrotherapy Class! 
Elevate your mornings to extraordinary with SKA Thermal Spa’s trailblazing Morning Guided Hydrotherapy Class – a truly unique wellness journey. Starting April 22, these classes are offered at 6:00 am and 7:00 am on weekdays at $45/class. Book now to become part of our new Thermal Flow Class Community.

As Calgary’s only offering of its kind, this class is tailored for the active, health-conscious individual seeking to push personal limits and unlock a new level of well-being. 

Discover the myriad benefits of our Saunas and Steam room, from improved cardiovascular health and detoxification to reduced stress and enhanced relaxation. Then, invigorate your body and mind with a revitalizing plunge into our cold immersion pool, boosting circulation, reducing inflammation, and leaving you feeling invigorated and alert.

In under an hour, our expert coaches will lead you through a dynamic circuit of stretching, light exercise, and breathwork, seamlessly integrated with the therapeutic heat therapy of our saunas and steam room and the exhilarating chill of the cold plunge. Our circuit is a journey of discovery, where you’ll learn to harness the power of contrasting temperatures under the guidance of our passionate instructors.
Our coaches are not just guides; they are your partners in transformation, ensuring a supportive, energizing experience that pushes you to explore your limits while ensuring safety and comfort. This transformative circuit is a true fusion of ancient traditions and modern wellness practices, meticulously crafted to leave you feeling revitalized, energized, and ready to conquer any obstacle that comes your way. Kickstart your morning with a burst of vitality that will carry you through the day with renewed vitality and focus.
Join us at SKA Thermal Spa and redefine your morning routine.
Embrace the challenge, embrace the change – your ultimate morning awaits.